How to Copy Encrypted DVDs to Hard Drive?

2019-03-19 02:59:51     Posted by Gabriel


Summary: Do you want to copy the encrypted DVDs to hard drive for backup? Here is the best DVD copy software and we will show you how to copy encrypted DVDs to hard drive with it.

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An encrypted DVD means a DVD which has been processed using a Content Scrambling System. The Content Scrambling System is a data encryption method used to protect DVDs from illegal copying. The CSS method simply encrypts or scrambles the video data on a DVD so that it can’t be viewed or copied illegally. A DVD-ROM or a DVD player which should be CSS licensed, can only play those encrypted DVDs because these players can decrypt those encrypted DVDs. Not all DVD ROMs and players are licensed by CSS. So if you own an encrypted DVD for which you have paid the money, you are allowed to decrypt that DVD and copy encrypted DVDs to hard drive in form of ISO or a folder. In this article we will show you how you can do this.


Part 1: How to Copy Encrypted DVD to Hard Drive and Save Them as ISO or DVD Folder

Here we introduce DVDFab DVD Copy which is a DVD copy software and is able to decrypt encrypted DVDs. DVDFab DVD Copy not only decrypts the encrypted DVDs but it also lets you save your encrypted DVDs as DVD folders or ISO files. Now these decrypted DVD ISO files and folders can be played on CSS unlicensed DVD ROMs and players. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to remove encryption from DVD using the DVDFab DVD Copy software.

·         Download and install DVDFab 10 for either Mac or Windows 10/8/7/Vista.

·         Insert the encrypted DVD in the DVD ROM drive.

·         Launch the program and click the ‘Copy’ tab. The program should automatically load the disc if not then click the big ‘Plus’ button and select the DVD ROM to load the disc.

·         Now the DVDFab DVD Copy offer six main functions and these are full disc, main movie, split, merge, customize, and clone/burn.

·         But we will only talk here about the ‘Full Disc’ function because we want to save the entire content of the encrypted DVD as a decrypted ISO or folder on our computer’s hard drive.

·         So click the ‘Copy Mode Switcher’ button and select ‘Full Disc’. You can click the ‘Settings’ button to select either ‘DVD5’ or ‘DVD9’ in the ‘Output’.

·         When you are ready click the ‘Save ISO’ or ‘Save Folder’ button and choose the location where you cant to save a copy of your encrypted DVD disc.

·         Finally, click the ‘Start’ button and wait till the process completes. Please note that during the copy process DVDFab automatically removes the DVD encryption and save it as an ISO or a folder.

·         Now this DVD ISO or folder will remain stored on your computer’s hard drive or you can burn them on a blank DVD disc. And can play this decrypted DVD on any DVD ROM or DVD player.

Note: If you want to copy your DVD in 1:1 lossless ratio then select the ‘Clone/Burn’ function from the ‘Copy Mode Switcher’ and save the DVD as an ISO file.


Part 2: How to Rip Encrypted DVDs to Digital Video Formats and Save Them to Hard Drive

DVD ripping simply means to convert the DVD video format to another digital video formats. So that we can play those DVD video files on multiple media players. In this part we are introducing DVDFab DVD Ripper which not only decrypts encrypted DVDs but also lets you rip encrypted DVD. You can convert (Rip) DVD video format to other common video formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV etc. Here’s a nice tutorial below for DVDFab DVD Ripper to convert encrypted DVD to MP4 or other video formats.

·         Open the DVDFab 10 program and click the ‘Ripper’ tab.

·         Insert the DVD disc and load it in the program. After you load the disc the following information will appear in the program window. Learn the functions from the image below.

·         Click the ‘Video Profile/Format Select’ button and choose the output video format of your choice. The most popular is MP4 though.

·         Click the ‘Choose Other Titles’ button and select all the videos on the encrypted DVD. If you don’t do this then only one video will be selected by default. Choosing all titles is necessary if the DVD contains many video files.

·         Clicking the audio select button will let you select multiple audio languages because most DVDs support multiple audio language. Here, you are free to select or skip multiple audio streams.

·         A DVD also may have multiple subtitles. The ‘Subtitle’ option will let you select multiple subtitles and you can also unselect some of them if not required.

·         In front of every DVD title you will see ‘Settings’ button and ‘Video Editor’ button. If you click the settings button then you can change the video settings for each title separately like ‘resolution’, ‘video quality’, ‘audio channel output’ etc.

·         Click the video editor button to edit the DVD video files and use video editing tools like multiple trims, crop, rotate, watermark, and subtitle.

·         After editing the videos and applying the settings click the ‘Start’ button to start ripping the encrypted DVD disc.

·         You can find the ripped video files in the ‘DVDFab10’ folder in the ‘Documents’ folder on a Windows PC.



So you now know how to decrypt encrypted DVD discs, copy and save them as ISO or a folder on your PC’s hard disk. You also learned to rip encrypted DVDs to other video formats that you can save on your hard drive. The interesting thing is that we used DVDFab DVD Copy and DVDFab DVD Ripper which automatically removes encryption without letting us know about it. We were only copying and ripping those encrypted DVDs as if they were never encrypted. Thanks to DVDFab 10.

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