The 7 Best 4K Movies on Netflix: Take Your Pick

2019-03-19 04:49:11     Posted by Kumara Velu


Summary: 4K movies give you a superior movie-viewing experience. Here's a list of the best 4K movies on Netflix which you could include in your Netflix movies list to watch in 2018.

If you're an owner of a 4K TV set, then you should make full use of its powerful display capabilities to enjoy a superior movie-viewing l experience.

One of the easiest and convenient ways to do this is by watching

the best 4K movies on Netflix.

Netflix offers the HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology in its 4K streaming movies which turns your TV viewing experience on its head by offering extraordinary contrast, brightness and color.

How do you get started? You would first need to change your plan to the Ultra tier plan. It would cost you more, of course, but there’s no doubt you get the bang for your buck.

Also, you would need to have an Internet broadband speed of at least 25 Mbps as recommended by Netflix.

But then finding 4K movies could be a tricky affair over Netflix. Of course you can see an HDR or Dolby Vision logo on its 4K/HDR-ready titles.  But that alone doesn’t make it easy to find the best 4K movies within a few clicks of the mouse.

With that in mind here's a list of the best 4K movies on Netflix which you could include in your Netflix 4K movies list to watch in 2018.


1. The Babysitter 2017

Cole is a secret admirer of his babysitter, Bee. One night, well after bedtime, he decides to spy on her. He discovers that she's actually a cold-blooded killer working with a gang who would not hesitate to kill to prevent their secret from being leaked.

Netflix acquired the distribution rights to The Babysitter from New Line Cinema in December 2016, premiering it on October 13, 2017.

The movie was well received with 71% giving it favorable reviews over Rotten Tomatoes with an average of 5.5 over 10.


2. Dark (2017)

Strange events happen in an otherwise laidback German small town. The hero's father commits suicide. A child goes missing. A search operation doesn’t yield any leads. Then another child disappears. This family saga is a drama with a touch of crime and mystery plus  a supernatural twist thrown in for good measure.


3. The Blacklist (2013)

A most wanted criminal surprisingly turns himself in to the FBI. He's willing to cooperate and provide information on crime that's not in any law enforcement agency's database. But he insists on speaking only  to a new female FBI profiler.

The producers revealed that the inspiration for the show came from the life of Whitey Bugler, a crime lord who headed the  Winter Hill Gang in Boston, Massachusetts.

This is certainly one of the best 4K movies on Netflix.


4. The OA (2016)

Blind Prairie went missing seven years ago. When she returns home with perfect sight many sit up and take notice. Some believe it's a miracle while others think there's something evil behind her.

Debuting over Netflix on December 16, 2016 this is mystery drama which blends science fiction, supernatural and fantasy sub-plots. This Netflix original received favorable reviews and accolades from most film critics.

You should include The OA in your must-watch Netflix 4K movies list for 2018


5. Orange is the New Black (2013)

Piper Chapman does time in jail for helping transport drug money to an ex-girlfriend. She is a law-abiding citizen though. Shocked at being sentenced to a year and a half behind bars, she comes to terms with her trying situation and learns some useful things from prison life.

Orange is the New Black certainly qualifies to be in the list of the best 4K movies on Netflix.


6, 1922 (2017)

This movie is based on Stephen King's novella of the same name. Wilfred James is a down-to-earth but proud farmer. He teams up with his son to murder his wife to get hold of her inherited land. Soon after her death, strange, unexplainable incidents start happening to James and his farm.

The film saw release on October 20, 2017 over Netflix.

Chris Agar, writing in Screen Rant, said, "1922 is a fascinating exploration of what guilt does to a man, fueled by a strong lead performance from Jane and compelling direction.”


7.  Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie (2017)

Gene Handsome is adept at solving the toughest mysteries. However, the   LA homicide detective is often clueless when it comes to ironing out personal problems.

The dialogues are fast-paced and the wacky characters will make you laugh your head off.


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