DVDFab Geekit: MVC Codecs

Do you ever want to extract the Blu-ray contents out of the original disc so that you can do additional editing with other non-linear editing tools, such as Adobe Premiere?
If you do and when the source Blu-ray is a 3D one, the MVC Codecs from DVDFab Geekit (a professional toolkit specifically designed for those knowledgeable videophiles who have a geek-level enthusiasm for video editing) is your best and only choice, as it is so far the only professional tool to separate the MVC (multi-view video coding) streams into two elementary streams with lossless quality, and then after being edited by other NLE editing systems, put them back into one stream again.

mvc codecs

Due to the scarcity of this kind of tool on the market, it took me quite a while before running into this one by chance. I was very satisfied with the test results, and decided to acquire a lifetime license. Really, a good recommendation to the video geeks out there.

--From PCWorld

The only 3D MVC Decoding and Encoding Tool

MVC Codecs consists of two interdependent parts, the MVC Decoder and the MVC Encoder, and it is so far the only 3D decoding and encoding tool on the market capable of extracting the MVC streams from a Blu-ray disc or ISO file, without compromising on video quality, and then combining the edited streams back into one stream. The two parts, each has its distinct functions respectively, seamlessly form a closed cycle.

Split the Extracted Contents into Two MKV Files

The MVC Decoder mode of the MVC codecs does the job of extracting the 3D MVC contents from source Blu-ray, and then converting and splitting them into two lossless H.264 MKV video streams, one aimed for left-eye, and the other for right-eye, respectively. For the extraction process, users are also allowed to customize the audio, subtitle, and chapter preferences, and even swap the left-eye and right-eye option for the two streams.

Do Further Editing with Popular Editing Tools

When the MVC Decoder finishes its job, users can then take the two MKV video streams to other 3rd party non-linear editing systems for further editing purposes, like adding additional audio tracks, rendering in external subtitles, or whatever it might be. The extracted video streams theoretically work with mainstream professional video editing tools, such as the Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, OpenShot, Lightworks, and more.

Merge the Two Edited Streams Back into One

After done with the editing, its then the MVC Encoder’s turn to merge and combine the two left-eye and right-eye MKV streams with exactly the same running time, video resolution and bitrate back into one single stream, and save the resulting file as either an SSIF file (StereoScopic Information File) which equals the identical 3D effect on the original Blu-ray disc or ISO file, or save it as a 3D MKV video file of side-by-side format.

How-to Guide

DVDFab Geekit MVC Codecs consists of MVC Decoder and MVC Encoder. The Decoder part can extract the MVC streams from any 3D Blu-ray disc/ISO file and split them into two elementary MKV streams, which makes them ready for editing with other non-linear editing tools, whilst the Encoder part does the job of merging the two edited MKV streams back into one single 3D SSIF file or a side-by-side MKV file.

NOTE: DVDFab Geekit is a professional toolkit specifically designed for those knowledgeable videophiles who have a geek-level enthusiasm for video editing.

Launch DVDFab Geekit and choose MVC Decoder

Click the MVC Decoder mode at the launcher screen of DVDFab Geekit, and load a 3D Blu-ray disc or ISO file to convert and split the 3D Blu-ray to two separate MKV video files.


Merge the two edited MKV streams

When the MVC Decoder finishes the job, then users can use other professional non-linear editing tools such as Adobe Premiere (and its alternatives) to do some additional editing based on their own special requirements. After that, it's time to merge the two edited streams back into one. To do this, click the MVC Encoder mode at the launcher screen of DVDFab Geekit, and load the two edited MKV video streams to merge them into one 3D SSIF video or a SBS MKV file.

System Requirements

  • ★ Windows 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64 bit)
  • ★ Core 2 Quad and above
  • ★ 2GB of RAM
  • ★ 100GB of free hard disk space
  • ★ NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 and above
  • ★ A Blu-ray Drive
  • ★ Live Internet connection required to register DVDFab Geekit (little network traffic used)

Supported Formats

MVC Decoder

  • Input

    3D Blu-ray disc, 3D Blu-ray ISO file

  • Output

    two separate MKV files

MVC Encoder

  • Input

    two separate MKV files

  • Output

    3D SSIF file, SBS 3D MKV file