Unisex Plain Baseball Cap


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  • Superior Material — skin-friendly high-quality 7*7 cotton twill that features diagonal and parallel ribs, which are smooth, attractive, modern, elegant and highly durable.
  • Popular Design — employs the most popular 6-panel and structured low profile design; 4-thread binding sweatband and the 6 ventilation eyelets increase the permeability to keep your head dry and comfortable throughout the day; left front panel embroidered with snow white DVDFab monkey logo; 4-row neat stitches on the visor.
  • One Size Fits All — adjustable back strap enclosure with hook and loop fastener allows the cap to fit on different head sizes.
  • Wide Application — great choice for regular daily use and outdoor activities, including but not limited to, baseball, golf, tennis, cycling, bush walking, fishing, running and hitch-hike travel, etc.

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